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History of KYNO

KYNO is where legendary Program Director Bill Drake and owner Gene Chenault began their incredible partnership. The year was 1963 and within a decade, the Drake-sound was the most copied format on American radio. (Read Gene's memo introducing Bill to the KYNO staff here)

If you we're a teenager in Central California in the 60's, no doubt you'll remember the "Battle for Fresno" between K-Make and KYNO:

K-Make's Program Director, Ron Jacobs, hosted Morning Drive with Robert W. Morgan & Frank Terry anchoring middays and afternoons. The competition was fierce, and KYNO had to be that much better, which it was!

Shortly after KYNO declared victory in Fresno, Bill Drake hired Jacobs, Morgan & Terry -- and these four future radio programming giants took their combined talent to Southern California, where it wasn't long before KHJ and ‘Boss Radio’ were #1 in Los Angeles. The rest…is radio history.

In August of 2008, KYNO interviewed Drake and Chenault asking them both to reminisce about the glory days of Boss Radio. These are believed to be the last interviews they ever did. (Hear our exclusive interviews with Bill Drake and Gene Chenault here)

For many years, KYNO continued to be the 'proving ground' for on-air promotions such as The Buried Treasure, the KYNO Millionaire, The Stingray Giveaway, The Black Box and many more. If ideas worked on KYNO, they would be implemented at stations across the country.

During the period from 1963 through the mid 80's, KYNO wasn't just a radio station -- it was the soundtrack of life for tens of thousands of Central California Valley. Today, you can still hear the voice of Bill Drake, those famous Johnny Mann jingles and ‘The Greatest Hits on Earth’ at 1430 AM, K-Y-N-O!